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 Meet Our Team

Kira Karlin, Realtor®  |  Sales Team

Meet Kira Karlin, a distinguished Associate Real Estate Broker with an impressive track record in property and land sales. With a passion for the industry, Kira holds the esteemed titles of Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and Certified International Property Specialist, showcasing her expertise in catering to diverse clientele from all around the world.

Having honed her skills over the last 20 years, Kira is well-equipped to assist both local and international clients seeking not only real estate investments but also a fulfilling experience in the process. Her commitment to delivering exceptional service, combined with her in-depth knowledge of the market, makes her the go-to professional for those seeking enjoyment and success in their real estate ventures.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest, Kira unparalleled dedication and global perspective ensure a seamless and rewarding real estate journey for all her clients.

Jimmy Baron, Realtor®  |  Sales Team

Meet Jimmy Baron, a dynamic individual who transitioned from a notable career in Atlanta radio with 99X to the world of real estate in 2010. Jimmy’s innate ability to listen and communicate effectively has propelled him to success as the leader of Jimmy Baron and Associates, consistently ranking in the top 5% of the Atlanta Realtors Association since 2016.

Teaming up with Kira, they have been the #1 duo at Keller Williams First Atlanta since 2020 and have consistently secured a spot in the Top 5 of Keller Williams Live Luxury for the past four years. Their ultimate mission is to assist you in making excellent real estate choices that will significantly enhance the quality of your life. With Jimmy Baron and Kira Karlin your side, expect nothing short of excellence in your real estate journey.

Abdy Khanpour, PE  |  Build Team

Abdy Khanpour, PE, is a highly experienced civil structural engineer with over 40 years of expertise in design, construction, and project management. With a focus on luxury homes, Abdy has dedicated two decades to mastering the intricacies of designing, constructing, and managing projects in this exclusive sector.

Abdy’s educational journey includes earning both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Georgia Tech, solidifying a strong academic foundation in civil structural engineering. This rigorous education has equipped Abdy with a deep understanding of engineering principles and advanced techniques, enabling them to tackle complex challenges with precision and ingenuity.

As a testament to their expertise and commitment to professional excellence, Abdy holds a Registered Professional Engineering (PE) license in multiple states, including Georgia, Alabama, and Arizona. This licensure signifies their proven competence and adherence to the highest standards of ethical and technical practice in the field.

Throughout their extensive career, Abdy has played a vital role in the design, construction, and project management of luxury homes. Their wealth of experience in this specialized area has honed their ability to translate client visions into breathtaking architectural marvels. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics, Abdy ensures that each project is executed flawlessly, delivering unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Beyond their work in luxury homes, Abdy has also contributed significantly to various other civil structural engineering projects throughout their career. Their diverse portfolio includes commercial buildings, infrastructure developments, and public facilities, where they have consistently demonstrated their technical prowess and leadership capabilities.

Known for their exceptional problem-solving skills and collaborative approach, Abdy excels at coordinating with multidisciplinary teams, including architects, contractors, and clients. Their effective communication and meticulous project management techniques ensure seamless execution from concept to completion, consistently exceeding client expectations.

Abdy’s four-decade-long commitment to the field of civil structural engineering reflects their passion and dedication to delivering superior results. Their wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with their innovative mindset, make them a trusted professional in the industry.

In their leisure time, Abdy enjoys staying up to date with the latest advancements in civil engineering, engaging in continuing education, and mentoring aspiring engineers. They also cherish spending time with their family and engaging in outdoor activities that bring them closer to nature.

Farrah Khanpour  |  Build Team

Farrah Khanpour is an accomplished civil structural engineer and project manager with over 4 years of experience in residential engineering, construction, and project management. With a strong educational background and a passion for the field, Farrah has established a successful career in the industry.

Farrah holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Georgia Tech. This rigorous program has equipped them with a solid foundation in engineering principles and techniques, enabling them to tackle complex challenges with confidence and precision.

In addition to their educational qualifications, Farrah possesses a Georgia General Contractor License, which reflects their comprehensive understanding of construction practices and regulations. This license further enhances their ability to oversee and coordinate projects effectively, ensuring compliance and delivering high-quality results.

Furthermore, Farrah has earned the esteemed Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, a globally recognized credential that demonstrates their expertise in project management methodologies and best practices. This certification showcases their ability to lead teams, manage resources, and successfully execute projects from initiation to completion.

To further enhance their engineering skills, Farrah has obtained the Engineering-in-Training (EIT) certification in Georgia. This certification represents their commitment to continuous professional development and readiness to pursue licensure as a Professional Engineer (PE) in the future.

With a diverse background in civil structural engineering, construction, and project management, Farrah brings a well-rounded skill set to every endeavor. Their attention to detail, strong problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills enable them to collaborate seamlessly with clients, architects, contractors, and team members, ensuring projects are executed to the highest standards.

Farrah is driven by a passion for creating sustainable and innovative solutions in the civil engineering field. Their dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results make them a valuable asset to any project.

Outside of work, Farrah enjoys staying up to date with the latest industry trends, volunteering in community initiatives, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Mandana Khanpour Build Team

Mandana Khanpour is a seasoned professional in the field of home interior design and decorating, with over 20 years of invaluable experience. Her passion for creating beautiful and functional living spaces has made her a sought-after expert in the industry.

With a wealth of knowledge in home interior design, Mandana possesses a keen eye for aesthetics, a deep understanding of spatial planning, and an ability to curate unique and personalized interiors. Her creative vision and attention to detail ensure that each project reflects the distinct tastes and preferences of her clients, resulting in spaces that inspire comfort and joy.

In addition to her expertise in interior design and decorating, Mandana excels in home redesign and renovation project management. She has successfully overseen numerous renovation projects, seamlessly integrating her design concepts with practical execution. Her strong project management skills, coupled with her extensive network of trusted contractors and vendors, ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Mandana’s passion for real estate extends beyond design and renovation. Holding a Georgia real estate sales license, she brings a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market to her projects. This valuable perspective enables her to advise clients on the potential impact of design choices on property values and market appeal.

Throughout her career, Mandana has built a reputation for her professionalism, integrity, and dedication to client satisfaction. She believes in fostering open communication with her clients, working collaboratively to bring their visions to life. Her ability to listen to her clients’ needs and aspirations allows her to deliver spaces that not only meet their functional requirements but also reflect their unique personalities and lifestyles.

Mandana’s vast experience and expertise in home interior design, decorating, and project management make her a trusted partner for homeowners looking to transform their living spaces. Her passion for creating inviting and harmonious environments shines through in each project she undertakes.

When she’s not immersed in the world of design and real estate, Mandana enjoys exploring art galleries, discovering new design trends, and spending quality time with her family and friends.


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